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Since 1980 Wolf Sanctuary of PA has been caring for displaced wolves and wolf-dogs in need of a home. Over the years we have been very grateful for those who have donated to support the wolves, volunteered their time, or visited for our tours and in so doing helped us to continue to care for all of our rescues who have a home here. With over 50 wolves and wolf-dogs, we need your help to ensure that we can continue to provide for their care.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is a non-profit 501c3 with no state or federal funding. We maintain the well-being of the wolves only through your generous donations. Please invest in Wolf Sanctuary of PA, and help us to continue to care for these mysterious and misunderstood creatures.

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Two wolves in winter snow

Send a Valentine to a Wolf!

Show the wolves some love! Your valentine will help support the Wolves of Speedwell. For $15 we will read your valentine to the wolf and we will be handing out heart-shaped burgers as a special treat. The valentines and treats will be recorded and shared on our social media. Submissions must be received by no later than February 12 to be included in the video.

Send a Valentine

If you prefer to send us credit card information or a check by mail, you can view and print our donation form, fill it out and mail it to:

Wolf Sanctuary of PA
465 Speedwell Forge Rd.
Lititz, Pa. 17543

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Please Help the Wolves of Speedwell

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is a non profit 501c3. We maintain the well-being of the Wolves only through your generous support.

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Since our founding 40 plus years ago, Wolf Sanctuary of PA has provided wolves and wolf dogs a way out of institutionalized lives and deaths.

Today, Wolf Sanctuary of PA has renovated infrastructure, beautifully expanded living and sleeping spaces and easy to reach veterinary care. We are devoted to assuring the most comfortable and stimulating environments for our wolves. Here at Wolf Sanctuary of PA wolves and wolf dogs are given back their dignity.

Make a one time donation below or donate monthly.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is a non-profit 501c3. We maintain the well-being of the Wolves only through your generous support.

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Donations help fund the daily operations and upkeep of the sanctuary. We rely on your support to continue in our efforts to provide quality care and enrichment for all of the wolves. Please invest in Wolf Sanctuary of PA, and ensure the safety and care for those who need you now.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is a non profit 501c3. We maintain the well-being of the wolves only through your generous support.

Sign up to donate monthly by checking the box at checkout and show your support throughout the year!

Legacy Giving and Estate Planning

Support the Wolf Habitat Fund and help the wolves thrive!

Contribute towards ongoing wolf habitat maintenance and repair projects. Your donation helps to provide necessary repairs, improvement projects, and general habitat upkeep and maintenance. Your donation will also help to support some of our latest projects such as: new fencing to create introduction areas for rescues to meet each other in a safe space when forming a new pack; and a new enclosure to provide an alternate space if needed during introductions or moves. These projects are necessary to ensure that the wolves enjoy a lifelong home that keeps them safe and also provides enrichment to engage their mind and keep them active.

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Injured wolf receiving vet care

Donate towards our Veterinary Care!

Veterinary care can be quite expensive when caring for over 50 gray wolves and wolf-dogs. Aside from routine checkups and preventative medications, we also incur high costs from unexpected surgeries and treatments as well as daily medications that many of our residents require. Please donate today towards our veterinary care and help the wolves who need it most right now.

Donation for Veterinary Care

The wolves need your help! Veterinary care is not cheap and we have had several urgent surgeries this year on top of our typical checkups and medications. Please consider donating towards the wolves’ veterinary care today!

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is a non profit 501c3. We maintain the well-being of the Wolves only through your generous support.

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Majestic wolf lying in a Pennsylvania sanctuary

Donate BravectoⓇ for the wolves!

Your donation can help us purchase BravectoⓇ for a wolf or a pack! BravectoⓇ is an oral flea and tick preventative that is an important part of keeping our wolves happy and healthy! Each wolf gets one BravectoⓇ  four times a year. Consider donating towards one dose or an annual amount of BravectoⓇ!

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Shawnee has always been lively, with a spring in her step and affection towards anyone who visits her. While her spirits have remained positive, we recently noticed a tumor on her rear leg. She underwent surgery to remove it, but the tumor was determined to be a mast cell tumor which meant that she had cancer. While our veterinarian was able to get good margins around the tumor, the type of tumor is aggressive. After consulting with an oncologist, we opted to proceed with a course of oral medications to combat the cancer. She will likely be on these medications for 6-9 months if she responds well to them. During this time, she will require monthly blood work as well as routine urine testing.

So far, Shawnee is doing really well. She has been eating and behaving normally. We will keep a close eye on her during her treatment. Shawnee’s oral medications will cost between $200-300.00 a month. She will also need routine testing, which will add to the cost of her care. Please consider donating towards her ongoing care if you are able, and please keep Shawnee in your thoughts and prayers.

Donate to help Shawnee

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Merchandise and Gifts


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