The Speedwell Wolves, A Treasure Awaits
In the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, quietly secured on 80 plus acres of natural woodland, you will find the home of the Speedwell Wolves.

For over 30 years the Darlington Family has offered refuge to Wolves who have found themselves without a place in the natural world. It has been over a hundred years since the last wild Wolf was known to exist in Pennsylvania. Originally created as a private rescue, the Wolf Sanctuary of PA has grown into an educational facility. We are devoted to assuring the most comfortable and stimulating environments for our wolves. Here at Wolf Sanctuary of PA wolves and wolf hybrids are given back their dignity.

The Wolves of Speedwell hold a unique position as Ambassadors to the wild. It has been said that “the best wolf habitat resides in the human heart.” Perhaps it is also that the best habitat for our own wildness resides in the heart of the Wolf. The Sanctuary currently provides food, shelter and veterinary care for over forty Wolves with no government or corporate assistance. Only, by your continued support and interest do the Wolves thrive.

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Bear lived in a small zoo in Wellsboro, PA up until 1 year ago.

Prior to that, much of his story is unknown

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Lisa Matthews / Wolf Song of Alaska / Volunteer The wolf in North America, is a predator of primarily large ungulates, that is, animals like moose, elk, and deer. All biological and social aspects of the wolf make it adapted for this role. No other carnivore in the western United States replaces the ecological importance …

Our beautiful Hudson was 16 but even 16 years never feels like enough time.   The heat of this year was too much compounded by his age and failing hind quarters.  He laid down where his brother had lain in January of 2015 and prepared to leave this land.  To avoid prolonged suffering our vet …

Tempestuous heat and humidity worthy of the tropics filled the air this August and brought with them an air of sadness.  Jerico passed naturally in early morning August 11, 2016.  We never knew his birthday, but estimated him to be somewhere between 12 to 14 years of age when he arrived here two years ago. …

Here at Wolf Sanctuary of PA we rescue wolves and wolf-dogs of all shapes and sizes – even the floppy-eared ones!  At first glance, the newest member of the Speedwell family may not look like a wolf, but he has all the behavioral traits and strength that you might expect from a young male wolf-dog. …

With heavy hearts, we bid our Hope farewell two weeks ago.  She had suffered from a genetic spinal defect.  Too young to pass from us so soon, we were heartbroken to lose her, but we know that she had moved on to a better place, free from any further suffering. Hope was born at the …

After many months of work, Tioga and Little Girl’s renovations are finally complete! Thanks to the tireless effort and dedication of our volunteers, we were able to tear down the old enclosures and affix fresh dig-fencing to make the final addition to Tioga and Little Girl’s territory wolf-ready! Thank you also to all of our …

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