Gone But Not Forgotten

Here, we pay tribute to our wolf family members who have passed on. You will never be forgotten!

Farewell Dusty

Days Come And Go And Meld Together Into One, And Yet One Moment In Time Can Be So Etched Into Your Mind As The Call Comes. While You Reach Out To Ask For That Moment To Not Be Real, The Weight Of The Truth Is Sometimes More Than You Can Bear. Are We Ever Really Prepared? Our…

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Farewell Geronimo

Each Loss Cuts Just As Deeply As The Last. Our Hearts Were Not Yet Healed And Once Again The Wound Is Ripped Open. After 17 ½ Years On This Earth, Age Took Our Dear Geronimo To Be With His Brothers Who Had Left Him Years Ago. Yet Even When Death Comes Naturally, We Still Grieve…

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Farewell Friday And Solo

Heavily The Rain Came Down All Week And Heavily Our Hearts Sank Deeply As Two Of Speedwell’s Own, Brother And Sister, Passed Away This April.Volunteers And Wolves Alike Are Still In Shock From The Passing Of Friday And Solo, Two Amazing Wolves Who Taught Us The True Meaning Of Family, Of Vigilance, Of Leadership…

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Farewell Hudson

Our Beautiful Hudson Was 16 But Even 16 Years Never Feels Like Enough Time.   The Heat Of This Year Was Too Much Compounded By His Age And Failing Hind Quarters.  He Laid Down Where His Brother Had Lain In January Of 2015 And Prepared To Leave This Land.  To Avoid Prolonged Suffering Our Vet …

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Farewell Jerico

Tempestuous Heat And Humidity Worthy Of The Tropics Filled The Air This August And Brought With Them An Air Of Sadness.  Jerico Passed Naturally In Early Morning August 11, 2016.  We Never Knew His Birthday, But Estimated Him To Be Somewhere Between 12 To 14 Years Of Age When He Arrived Here Two Years Ago….

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Farewell Hope

With Heavy Hearts, We Bid Our Hope Farewell Two Weeks Ago.  She Had Suffered From A Genetic Spinal Defect.  Too Young To Pass From Us So Soon, We Were Heartbroken To Lose Her, But We Know That She Had Moved On To A Better Place, Free From Any Further Suffering. Hope Was Born At The…

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Farewell Merlin, A True Alpha

Merlin Merlin Came To Wolf Sanctuary Of PA With His Family On May 05, 2006.  It Was A Warm Spring Day.  Along With Him Came His Mate Niksa, Her Sister Keisha, And A Wee Baby Of Two Weeks Named Tioga.  For The First Few Days, Merlin And His Companions Were Afraid To Leave The Small…

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Farewell Chipper

Heavily The Rain Came Down All Week And Heavily Our Hearts Sank Deeply As Two Of Speedwell’s Own, Brother And Sister, Passed Away This April.Volunteers And Wolves Alike Are Still In Shock From The Passing Of Friday And Solo, Two Amazing Wolves Who Taught Us The True Meaning Of Family, Of Vigilance, Of Leadership…

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Farewell Booboo

Booboo You Never Got To Meet BooBoo But You Would Have Loved Him Too. Our Hearts Must Reach To Infinity And Beyond To Lose So Many Pieces And Continue To Beat. It Is A Hard Moment In Time That We Walk Through As Each Passing Day The Sun Still Shines And We Laugh And We…

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Farewell Destiny

Destiny When Destiny Met Chipper During The First Week Of June In 2012 There Was Magic In The Air.They Took To Each Other Right Away.As We Watched Them Together We Saw A Beautiful Combination Of Admiration And Dedication Between Them.Destiny Was Often Very Shy Of Human Interaction, But Chipper Taught Her There…

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Keisha Loved The Snow

Today We Had Snow And Tomorrow We Are To Have Snow Again. Keisha Loved The Snow So It Is Apropos That The Gift Of Snow Be Given At Her Crossing. A Lump Appeared Above Keisha’s Left Eye. Growing Fast It Became A Mass Almost Over Night. She Could Not Open Her Left Eye. She Was…

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Winston You Will Be Deeply Missed.

Winston You Will Be Deeply Missed, Almost 15 Years My Friend.Second In Command For Many Years, Faithful Brother And Pack Mentor To The End.You Stood Your Ground And When Your Brother Murphy Joined The Great Hunt Your Cries Of Anguish Could Be Heard Long Into The Night And Through Many Months After…

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Scout February 15, 2000 To March 1, 2014 I Am Proud To Be A Wolf, Steadfast And True. I Am Proud To Have Stood My Ground And Watched Over My Family As They Slept And As They Worked And Played. We Have Stood Strong Together, And As The Years Passed On We Respected…

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To Some They Are Just Animals Behind A Fence.To Others They Are A Mystery Worth Exploring.To Us They Are A Nation Unto Themselves.They Do Not Command Respect, But I Give It Without Question.If You Could See With Your Heart, You Would Learn To Live.If You Could Hear With Your Soul…

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Billy Our Billy, 2006 To 10/21/2013

Its Fundamental Really Uttering A Farewell.Not Just By Written Word, Language Is Not Needed To Share The Meaning Of Loss.Ohhhhh Me.I Sit In Silence And Watch The Leaves Blow From The Trees Falling Lightly And Almost With Out Sound To The Ground.They Skitter Along The Grass And Disappear In The Field.I Think That Is…

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Liberty, A Farewell…

We Are Not Given A Map Or Time Table. No Instruction Manual Comes With Our Birth. If We Are Blessed With Elders, Family And Community We Will Have Guidance, But We Must Make Our Own Way Through Life Trusting In That Future.Pain Is But A Hopefully Small Part Of That Journey. We Say Hello…

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Glacier And Beau

I Am Sorry To Say This Comes Late. Sometimes I Just Can’t Find The Words. A Knot Still Forms In My Throat When I Force Myself To Dwell. It Is Hard To Believe That Our Friends Have Passed On. The Summer Comes To Us As If It Has Never Left And We Bid A Painful…

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Elegant And Serene Her Poise And Stance Shall Carry Through The Time Before And To Come. Her Quiet Demeanor And Level Rein Kept A Family Close And Loyal For Many Moons. Through Two Unions And Many Births She Stood Tall. Calm Understanding And Unwavering Respect From All That Met Her. Non Challenged Her Rein And…

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A Hot Day It Was, May 31, 2011. Our Dear Friend Casper We Bid You Goodbye. He Loved Children, Always Ready To Great Them And If Possible Send A Bit Of Mud In The Direction Of Any Passerby. He Had A Good Nature About Him. A Wag And Tilt To The Head. Our Little Arctic…

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Willow, Gone But Not Forgotten June 2010

To Our Willow, We Shall Miss You.. I Have Searched For Just The Right Farewell, And This Is What I Have Found. Until We Meet Again…. In The Midst Of An Enchanted, Crystal Forest Lies My Soul, Beneath A Weeping Willow Tree. On The Shadowed Side Of This Mystical Haven, Heart Beats As Thunder Warns…

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Proud, Strong And Full Of Grace. Niksa, Mother To Tioga Mate To Merlyn And Sister To Kesha. I Can’t Even Form Words For This Loss. Unexpected? Yes. I Can Say That This Was Totally Unexpected. On Friday March 5th, 2010, We Took Niksa In For A Check Up, She Had Some Spots On Her Legs…

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Murphy Was The Second Male Member Of The Trinity Born To Kojak & Thunder. He Was Playful, Aggressive And Extremely Competitive With His Brother Winston And Sister Charlie When They Were Pups. It Was Predicted That Murphy Would Become The Alpha Male Within His Own Pack, And That Is Indeed The Case. Murphy Stood Tall…

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