Gift Certificates

    Minimum Amount: $10.00

    Our family appreciates your support for Wolf Sanctuary of PA.

    You will be able to download your Gift Certificate within 72 hours after payment

    *Please note: AOL email does not always accept attachments from websites. If you have an AOL email address, please call us at 717-626-4617 to place your order over the phone.

    Gift certificates can be redeemed in our gift shop or for some online items. If you would like to use a gift certificate to place a tour reservation, please call us to place your reservation over the phone as certificates cannot be redeemed through our online tour booking system. Gift Certificates from Wolf Sanctuary of PA are not interchangeable or transferable to Speedwell Forge B&B.

    Gift certificates will incur a $10 dormancy fee after 2 years of inactivity. This fee will continue to depreciate monthly if the card remains inactive.

    During checkout, you will be asked to provide recipient name and an email address where the gift certificate will be sent. NOTE: If you leave the recipient name blank, your name will appear on the certificate instead.

    If you prefer to send us credit card information or a check by mail, you can view and print our gift certificate form.