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We are currently hiring for Groundskeeper and General Maintenance position. Contact us for more information.

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Groundskeeper and General Maintenance Position

Wolf Sanctuary of PA is seeking a motivated and hard-working professional with maintenance experience to join our staff as Groundskeeper. The Groundskeeper is expected to be energetic, capable, and efficient. The idea candidate should be able to work outdoors for extended periods of time handling large machinery and equipment.

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  • General landscaping including mowing, weed whacking, snow removal (winter)
  • Mechanical repairs on equipment and vehicles
  • Carpentry and welding
  • Stock freezers and help prepare raw meat for wolves
  • Other duties involved with general groundskeeping
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The ideal candidate must:

  • Exhibit a high level of energy and efficiency
  • Be reliable and dependable
  • Be comfortable working both independently and as part of a team
  • Be able to multi-task
  • Exhibit general maintenance and groundskeeping skills
  • Have experience working with large equipment and machinery
  • Experience with welding and carpentry skills preferred
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