Are Wolves an Endangered Species? Why our slogan is “Extinct is Forever”

Gray wolves in North America have faced many challenges with human populations. In the early [...]

Estate Planning and Legacy Giving

We truly appreciate your interest in Wolf Sanctuary of PA. Including Wolf Sanctuary of PA [...]

Introducing: The Northerners!

We have an exciting announcement. The case involving the Northerners has finally been settled! Though [...]

Are There Wolves in Pennsylvania?

Coyotes are now the top canid species in the area and their main prey species [...]

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What, and How Much Food Do Wolves Eat?

Lisa Matthews / Wolf Song of Alaska / Volunteer The wolf in North America, is [...]

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Spectacular Snouts

You may have heard on the tours that wolves have an excellent sense of smell. [...]

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Farewell Greybeard

In 2019 we rescued four gray wolves from a zoo in Quebec that was being [...]

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Farewell Ginny

When caring for such strong and independent beings it is hard to imagine that they [...]

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Farewell Lincoln

The Big Pack was a wonder to behold. This large and boisterous family touched the [...]

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Farewell Levi

For many years those who visited the Wolves of Speedwell were enamored and awed by [...]

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Farewell Jasper

Through the years, many wolves and wolf-dogs have called the sanctuary home. Some are very [...]

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Farewell Sullivan Ryuk

Though loss is always painful, the sadness is felt all the more deeply when we [...]

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Farewell D. Dozer

Some stories end before their time, and these are often filled with heartbreak. So it [...]

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Farewell Sarge

Speedwell is home to many different individuals, all with unique personalities and characters. One pack [...]

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