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Wolf Eyes

Sanctuary News and Wolf Information

Here we share everything that is going on at Wolf Sanctuary of PA.

We discuss how we take care of the wolves, how the sanctuary provides quality of life for our wolves, introduce new family members and say good by to those wolf spirits that have shared themselves with us and our visitors.



Enclosure UP

Wow, can you believe it is November already.  Time moves on way to fast for me.  The new enclosure for Liberty, Sky, Jasper and hopefully [...]

Yule with the Wolves! 2010

Falalalala lala la laaaaaa....Picture this... Joyous songs of the holidays, a roaring bonfire to toast your toes or marshmellows and the deep howl of wolves [...]

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Farewell Hudson

Hudson Our beautiful Hudson was 16 but even 16 years never feels like enough time.   The heat of this year was too [...]

Farewell Jerico

Tempestuous heat and humidity worthy of the tropics filled the air this August and brought with them an air of sadness.  Jerico passed naturally in [...]

Farewell Hope

Hope With heavy hearts, we bid our Hope farewell two weeks ago.  She had suffered from a genetic spinal defect.  Too young to [...]

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News of Mexican Gray Wolves

News of Mexican Grays  The Arizona lawmakers recently passed two laws limiting the protections for the Mexican Grays or Lobos, fortunately the governor of Arizona [...]

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Chipper cries

and we cry with him. February 3rd 2012 Chipper's best friend and long time companion Glacier, and his father Charbonneau have left this carbon plain. [...]


It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you tonight. Our beloved Charlie, at twelve years of age has gone from [...]

A Great Time!

We visited on the 25th-weather broke and we had a great time!! Emma and Fred

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Thank you from Jonathan

I just wanted to say I loved your tour...I loved seeing the wolves......I wish there was somthing like this where I lived because I would [...]

Thank you

We enjoyed our visit to your sanctuary! Our grandchildren were given the opportunity to see and learn more about these beautiful animals. Thank You for [...]

extrodinary tour

My wife and I took a tour of your wolf perserve on memorial day. We were the only ones on the tour that day. I [...]

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