Sandy’s thoughts

When my husband Steve and I started going to the Wolf Sanctuary, we didn’t know what to expect. From our very first visit we have fallen in love with this beautiful place.

I have loved wolves almost all of my life, so to see a real live wolf was such a treat for me.

People often talk about the howling of wolves and how they do not like it because it sounds “eerie”. I’ve never felt that way and to hear these wolves howl, it’s a beautiful symphony. Each time they “sing” it’s as if they have written a new song, they are never the same.

You will hear the “howl” as we all have heard it on tv. You will hear barks and yips, and then you will hear Merlin, the pure Eastern Timber Wolf who lives with his son Tioga, who is 4 years old and Tioga’s aunt Keesha. Merlin has a voice that has an absolutely beautiful range to it. He puts his head up a little bit and begins to howl, kinda high, then the howl comes down a bit and then back up, it is as if he is singing a beautiful piece of classical music. I stop and listen and watch Merlin, it is so gorgeous that I am almost moved to tears……….and then all of a sudden the howling stops and they go about their business of sniffing the ground or playing, I am left with a wanting of more howling, the singing is done………for now.