Farewell Greybeard

In 2019 we rescued four gray wolves from a zoo in Quebec that was being investigated for cruelty and neglect of their animals. We called them the Northerners. When they arrived, they were in rough shape – they were malnourished and had parasites, but the biggest concern was their mental state. They were clearly traumatized. We spent countless hours slowly bringing them back to health. Over time, they began to feel better and after several months of treatments and gentle care, they finally began to recover. It was then that we began to truly get to know them, and that we began to fall in love with the leading male of their pack: Greybeard.

Greybeard was strong and stoic. He was a steadfast presence in the pack and the others all seemed to rally around him. They were always in each others’ company. None of them would ever be social with humans or enjoy human interaction, but over time they began to trust that our presence did not mean any harm. They began to feel comfortable being themselves even if we were present near their enclosure. When Greybeard finally started to come out of his shell he began to show his playful side, being silly and goofy with his son Gideon.

Greybeard became rather curious of humans. He would not approach closely, but he would come out when we passed their enclosure to investigate. We will miss seeing his noble figure atop their grassy hillside.

Greybeard showed no signs of illness or injury prior to his passing. He passed naturally on his own, in the freedom of his forest home beside his loved ones. We mourn his passing but we take comfort in knowing that he spent the last few years of his life free and happy with his family.

Farewell Greybeard. We will deeply miss your magnificent soul and your bright spirit. We will hold the memory of your love for your family forever in our hearts.

Born EST. 2014, Rescued July 2019, Died November 13, 2022