Farewell Lincoln

The Big Pack was a wonder to behold. This large and boisterous family touched the hearts of all who visited the wolves of Speedwell for the last few decades. They may have been a rowdy bunch and at times could be volatile, but amongst the many personalities of each family member Lincoln was truly the heart of the Big Pack. On October 25, 2022, Lincoln crossed the Great River to be with his family. We will miss him deeply.

Lincoln was born to Lucky along with his 4 brothers – the L-boys: Lucas, Levi, Lenape, and Lazarus. Growing up as the youngest in a large family, Lincoln and his brothers learned how to make their presence known from the very beginning. Yet though Lincoln was strong and dominant, he never escalated when tensions brewed within the pack. There were many family arguments over the years, especially amongst the females, but Lincoln never involved himself. He loved all his family members deeply and cherished them equally.

Lincoln was especially close with two of his brothers, Lucas and Levi, and his uncle, Frodo. The four were a rowdy bunch. They stuck together and always were the first ones at the fence to make their presence known if anything was going on in a nearby enclosure. They would huff and challenge neighboring packs and even caretakers just to show that they were tough.

None of the Big Pack were every really comfortable being touched or handled, but Lincoln did on occasion still interact with his caretakers in his own way. When receiving treats or food at the fence, Lincoln was known for reaching his paw through the fence to tap an arm or shoulder asking for more. He did not permit us to touch him, but he was comfortable reaching out to place his paw on us. He was always very gentle when taking his treats, much unlike his brother Levi.

Lincoln had a zest for life. He threw himself fully into whatever his family was doing and was always front and center in the action. Even when drinking water from his bucket, it wasn’t enough to lap at the top, he would thrust his whole head in the water and chomp at it until he was satisfied, relishing the cool water on a hot summer day. This was always in strong contrast to his brother Lucas who would gently lap the water and hated getting his whiskers wet.

Lincoln had a hard time as his family started to age and pass away. Even when his other remaining pack members stopped howling for those they had lost, Lincoln continued for a period of time. He stayed close with each of them until the very end. When only he and his brother Levi remained, he looked after Levi and was much more tolerant of Levi’s hotheadedness. He and his brothers had always flexed their dominance at mealtimes but as Levi began to show his age Lincoln did not challenge him or try to steal his food. He kept closeby him always. After Levi passed Lincoln seemed lost. He had always had his large boisterous family by his side and did not do well alone. Only a few months after Levi passed, Lincoln’s age caught up with him as well and he left us to join his family again. We were heartbroken to lose him, but we take comfort in knowing that he is at peace, together with his family again. Farewell Lincoln. We will deeply miss your strong and loving soul and the memory of your steadfast spirit will be forever in our hearts.

Born December 14, 2008, Died October 25, 2022