Sunrise needs your help!

This July 2022 Sunrise was diagnosed with a torn ACL. We knew he needed surgery and luckily we were able to get him scheduled the very next morning. His surgery was a success and he returned home to quarantine where he has been recovering. We wanted to share some photos from his surgery. At this time he still needs ongoing medications, physical therapy, and follow up care to ensure that he continues to heal well.

Sunrise has received physical therapy each day following his surgery, 2 to 3 times per day. In the first few days he needed assistance in his front and rear (see the first video below). After a few days he just needed some gentle guidance (see the second video below). After ACL surgery it is important that he practice walking again a few times per day to make sure that he heals well and that he is able to walk in the future. We continue to make sure he gets ample rest before and after physical therapy and a hot or cold compress afterwards.

Please consider helping Sunrise by donating towards our veterinary care to help with the cost of his treatment. Donate for Veterinary Care

November 2022 UPDATE: Sunrise has recovered from his ACL surgery very well! He spent several months in quarantine while healing and undergoing physical therapy and we are excited to announce that he is once again back on his feet and reunited with his pack-mate Sky! Thank you so much to all who have contributed to his care. Your support is truly appreciated!

Sunrise getting ready for his ACL surgery.
Sunrise being prepped for surgery.
ACL surgery in progress.
The journey home!
Sunrise relaxing in his recovery area after surgery.
Sunrise getting a cold compress after his physical therapy.