Farewell Ginny

When caring for such strong and independent beings it is hard to imagine that they will not be with us throughout our lives. Yet time moves all too quickly and sadly we cannot be with those we care for forever. Our dear Ginny passed away from us on September 14, 2022. Ginny was so vivacious and lively that she never seemed to show her age, yet she was nearly 13 when she passed.

Ginny arrived from New York City along with her companion at the time, Sophie. Though the two lived together for a time, it became clear rather quicky that they preferred to live apart in their new home here at the sanctuary so we found different companions for each of them. It was around that time that we had also rescued a male from New Jersey named Dozer and he and Ginny were matched right from the beginning. They both had a fiery personality but it seemed to work for them. The two would often get into arguments but they always made up. Dozer loved to show affection for Ginny by poking her with his nose until she had had enough and told him off.

In their later years, Ginny and Dozer became a bit more calm with each other but Ginny always had that signature feistiness about her. Dozer still poked her with his nose to get her attention and she would stand alert with her head held high and pounce or huff at him to let him know that she was still the boss. Dozer will greatly miss his spirited companion, as will all who knew her.

Ginny was our “sassy girl”. She had a big personality and a feisty attitude that we loved so much. She had a confident strut as she walked to indicate that she was in charge at all times. She was also very selective about who she liked. She allowed a small degree of attention from her human caretakers but she only had a special true bond with one of them, whom she loved above everyone else.

Farewell Ginny. We will deeply miss your vibrant soul and the memory of your fiery spirit will be forever in our hearts.

Born December 1, 2009, Rescued November 12, 2010, Died September 14, 2022