Girls in the Big Pack

So its that time of year again, when the ladies get restless. The fight began and ended with Trinity being removed as Alpha and Sarge coming out as the new alpha. Chomp was collateral damage. She got pretty beat up, and was banished from the pack for a few weeks. She called to her pack mates, but for the most they let her alone to heal. Trinity would check on her from time to time, but she too stayed with the pack more than not.

Last week, Trinity took back her position as Alpha. The girls are getting along again. Trinity is back in the saddle and has placed Sarge on notice. Sarge is paying due respect to her ladyship. Chomp is healing, but has joined the pack. She is no longer staying alone at the bottom of the hill crying softly and wishing for company and a shoulder to lay her sore head on.

Hormones run high and tempers get short this time of year. But I think we are through the worst.