Proud, strong and full of grace. Niksa, mother to Tioga mate to Merlyn and sister to Kesha. I can’t even form words for this loss. Unexpected? Yes. I can say that this was totally unexpected. On Friday March 5th, 2010, we took Niksa in for a check up, she had some spots on her legs, nothing that should cause her to be gone from our family. We came back, but she was not waking up as she should have been. Her sister took this opportunity to try and take over. No this was not good. We pulled her and placed her in a holding pen to wake up fully. We waited, she seemed to come out of it slower then most. Saturday morning we released her back into her pack. She reestablished her position but did not seem quite herself. We kept a weary eye on her, but did not expect to find her as we did. March 8th, she lay there but not asleep. Gone from us, she has joined her brethren free of fences. We bid her farewell, and shed tears of pain in her wake. Take care my sister, until we meet again.

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  1. GRAMMY says:

    We will miss Niksa. She was a beautiful animal. My grandson Nick adopted her and was deeply saddened by her passing. Rest in peace Niksa. Run free in heaven.

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