Willow, gone but not forgotten June 2010


To our Willow, we shall miss you.. I have searched for just the right farewell, and this is what I have found. Until we meet again….

In the midst of an enchanted, crystal forest lies my soul, beneath a weeping willow tree. On the shadowed side of this mystical haven, heart beats as thunder warns of a raging storm! Yesterday went well in deeds, but silence fell upon me… words could not express these lonesome thoughts. I closed my eyes to shut the doors of reality. Must you always need to understand me; shan’t I keep a bit of mystery for my sake? These eyes plead, as I look up to you for such moments of peace and tranquility. Tears have fallen to the earth– drops that glisten on blades of grass, even in the dark of night; stars shine brighter in my sight! Today, I remember sharing my life with you; Vows of love and friendship, forever spoken; and now, I lie alone beneath a weeping willow tree. Tommorrow, I shall walk alongside a never-ending creek.

c.2003 by Monika Arnett

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