A hot day it was, May 31, 2011. Our dear friend Casper we bid you goodbye. He loved children, always ready to great them and if possible send a bit of mud in the direction of any passerby. He had a good nature about him. A wag and tilt to the head. Our little arctic curmudgeon. He has not been feeling well of late. Being almost 14, he had slowed down. I guess we all do. Now he runs in a far off wooded home with cool air and snowy peeks. His mate Bonnie at his side and his pack intact at last.

What stories he will share with Bonnie and she with him? Four years she has waited for him.

Take good care our kind and friendly Casper we will see you on the other side.

4 thoughts on “Casper

  1. Susan says:

    Oh Casper, I will miss you! You were such a gentle boy. And my Minolta camera has mud on its top that won't ever come out because of your greeting one day. I will never try removing that mud again. Sleep soft, sweet Casper.

  2. Wolf Sanctuary of PA says:

    Thank you for your comments, we miss him very much. He was always there to start our tours…so many years.

  3. pattisinbox says:

    I never met Casper but God Bless Him. He is now with his beloved Bonnie – running like a pup and smiling on us and throwing mud down from Heaven (although it never gets here.) And God Bless You – the Wolf Santuary of Pennsylvania – for all you did for him and all of the other beautiful wolves! I look forward to my weekend there on July 16 (it's our honeymoon). It will be first of many visits to come – and I am spreading the word!


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