Thank you for your Wolf Awareness Day event. My kids and I had a great time meeting and learning about your wolves (especially our favorites Thor, Solo, and Glacier), getting our faces painted, decorating pumpkins, and listening to the live music, among other things. Before this morning, we didn’t even know the Wolf Sanctuary existed, but now we’re excited to visit again for a public tour and I plan to come back for the Full Moon tour. My sister’s ex-husband used to be curator at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA. While they were married, I had the opportunity to volunteer for a summer and the highlight of my time there besides hosing down the gibbons’ area and feeding the bison was walking an injured wolf they had at the time. I couldn’t believe and still to this day find it hard to believe that I had the opportunity to stand beside a wolf without a fence between us… and on a leash at that. Thank you for all you do; your work and care for the wolves is truly inspirational!

Gene and family