Food for thought

kasey asks: how is that blind one doing i forget his name.   will the one thats one your tsherts i forgot his name to.. will he ever be with his brother again since the fight????  and how is that pup that you had in the back that was not in a pack…. last time i was there that pup barked and howled and i hope you find a pack for him 🙂

Hi Kasey!  we have two blind ones, Thor and Loci.  Thor lives with Lucky and Loci lives with the six pack in the back.  Both are doing well, and seem much more relaxed now that fall is upon us.  The one on the t-shirt is Billy and he is doing very very good too.  I don’t know if he will ever be reunited with  his brother, they still growl at each other through the fence.  We don’t want to move to fast at taking that fence out of the way.  what ever happened between them was very bad.  They don’t seem to be over the argument yet.  The pup you are taking about what she light almost blond in color or grey and very big?  Well look forward to corresponding with you again.  Thank you for caring about wildlife.  Keep up the learning and visit when you can!  Dawn