Glacier and Beau


I am sorry to say this comes late. Sometimes I just can’t find the words. A knot still forms in my throat when I force myself to dwell. It is hard to believe that our friends have passed on. The summer comes to us as if it has never left and we bid a painful farewell to yet two more friends.

I find that the words do not come to me so easily. I want so eloquently to say my goodbyes as they did live…

Glacier, the coolness of your name; the whiteness of your mane did not convey the warmth of your spirit and the sweetness in your eyes. We will forever miss you our gentle giant.

Charbonneau or Beau if you will as known to your family and friends. What can I say…you lead a wild and elusive life among the trees on the back 20. Not many sanctuary visitors had the pleasure of your level gaze. We shall think of you often.

Alas they traveled together to the great forest. Free to roam as two males should, seeking pleasure as they see fit. In my minds eye when the night is quiet I see you running as only now you can. Leaping and frolicking on trails long gone your family in your wake howling and laughing. Wait! Wait!


4 thoughts on “Glacier and Beau

  1. wolfman says:

    I had a hybrid huskie,wolf for 15 1/2 years.His name was Roman and he was the best part of my life.He had the most beautiful blue eyes,and he was so loyal to me that come Jan 22nd when I had to put him down,that was the worse day of my life. He is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge now.

  2. wolfman says:

    I know the feeling of lossing a love one. I had a hibrad wolf for 15 1/2 years,and i well say they where the best of my life. He was so faith full to me,and his name was ROME. He was part wolf and huskie,with the most beautiful blue eyes. He was 16 years old when I had to put him down.The worse day of my life.

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