, Scout



February 15, 2000 to March 1, 2014

I am proud to be a wolf, steadfast and true. I am proud to have stood my ground and watched over my family as they slept and as they worked and played. We have stood strong together, and as the years passed on we respected each other and lived as near a peaceful life as we could. My time has come to move on; I go to sleep here on this plain so that I move freely in the next. To run to and even past the bridge. My family ages with me, and as it is my duty to check the path ahead. Do not grieve for me. I will wait for you on the other side. But the path will be checked and ready as I am firm in my commitment and duty to Scout the path for my brothers and sisters.

When we meet again and I know we will.  I hope to see that toothy grin lined with evidence of good days and long laughs.  I hope to see valleys and hills as maps of the adventures you told me you would someday have.  And I hope to see your shoulders stronger and head held higher from showing the world your worth. I hope to hear that for you I was never more than a memory away.

We miss you Scout…..your will always be in our memories.