Farewell Jerico


Tempestuous heat and humidity worthy of the tropics filled the air this August and brought with them an air of sadness.  Jerico passed naturally in early morning August 11, 2016.  We never knew his birthday, but estimated him to be somewhere between 12 to 14 years of age when he arrived here two years ago.


Jerico had tread a difficult path before coming to the sanctuary.  He spent many years in a small concrete area with the sounds and smells of dozens of other animals.  His living conditions affected his health, as tumors grew on his hind quarters and there were problems with his teeth which can be particularly damaging for a wolf.  Our vets worked quickly when he arrived and brought him back to health so that he could move to his own territory and meet his new pack-mate Sophie.

Sophie and Jerico quickly became a well-loved sanctuary pair.  Sophie brightened up his days and gave him over two years of happiness in a beautiful forest home.  The two spent all their days together, in the snow, sun, and shade.  Jerico always held himself with a graceful poise.  If volunteers came to clean his water buckets or brought guests up for a tour, he would politely come to the fence for a brief greeting until retiring again with Sophie into the shade of their woods.

To Jerico:

“You came to us April 2014 from St Clair New York.  There was a sadness in your eyes.  Your health was hindered by several tumors on your rump and rear.  We quickly got you to the vet for surgery and the next day you came home to us. Your new forever home awaited you with trees and flowing grasses and Sophie- a she-wolf also from New York.  You two hit it off immediately, and it wasn’t long before you were acting like an old married couple.  Your sad eyes went away, replaced by a mischievous smile.  You had this somber way about you.  Always quick to kiss a hand if offered.  A beautiful yet quiet howl.  I will miss you Jerico.  I imagine you met Hudson on your way to the hunting grounds.  Now both of you are running free.  Young again and full of wild abandon.  While you did not stay with us for many years, I am happy to have met you and I am happy to have been able to have given you a home free from worries.”  

Rest easy Jerico, your life and character will not be forgotten.



Born: est. 2000 – Rescued: May 10, 2014 — Died: August 11, 2016