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Are Wolves an Endangered Species? Why our slogan is “Extinct is Forever”

Gray wolves in North America have faced many challenges with human populations. In the early 1900’s in North America, they were driven to near extinction due to habitat destruction and over-hunting. It took many decades, but over the course of the century following their extirpation (local extinction), perspectives about wolves slowly began to change. In […]

Introducing: The Northerners!

We have an exciting announcement. The case involving the Northerners has finally been settled! Though they have been with us since 2019, due to the ongoing legal battles, we have been unable to share their history until now, since the case has been closed and the former owner has been found guilty of four animal […]

Special Thanks to US Airways – Volunteers

We would like to thank the US Airways who sent several of their employees as volunteers to come help for a day of rough work at the Sanctuary.  US Airways awards supports volunteers for working on projects through their Do Crew Volunteers Program.  Information and donation amounts can be found HERE. As the Wolf Sanctuary of PA […]