Liberty, a farewell…


We are not given a map or time table. No instruction manual comes with our birth. If we are blessed with elders, family and community we will have guidance, but we must make our own way through life trusting in that future.  Pain is but a hopefully small part of that journey.

We say hello and good bye to many in our journey.  Each life touched by the many around; moving in and out of the others space and time.

Liberty came into our lives and into our hearts before he even moved to our sanctuary.  His first months blemished by ill fate.  But community rallied for this young life and he found a safe home.  He found love and acceptance.  A new family to call his own.  He rejoiced in this union and played heartily with his new companions; Sky, Jasper and Rogue.  He even learned that there are some humans worthy of his trust.

June 12, 2013, something happened during play.  A poor placed tug at the head or a brain aneurysm.  We don’t know.  They were always playing and chasing, pouncing and bouncing.  We are left standing with more questions then answers.  Our precious Liberty died that day.  We do know it was quick and he had no pain as we were there within moments of his last howl.  A strange howl, that sent Darin running up to his pack and back down again for his truck and help.  I sat with him in the back of the truck as Darin sped swiftly toward the vets office.  “Stay with me Liberty, stay with me…” As we turned into the parking lot, Liberty took three short quick gasps of air and was gone.  Already in shock his body prevented him from feeling as his spirit slipped away leaving behind his earth bound shell. Now we move forward still so many questions and still no answers. Just the bliss of our memories and the pain of the moment.  Farewell Liberty, thank you for this past year.  You will always be remembered.

5 thoughts on “Liberty, a farewell…

  1. Marty Gerace says:

    I was so very sad to hear of his passing when we spoke on Thursday. How blessed he was to have you and Darin for the past year. I am sure his brief stay with you and his new found friends was joyful. He knew that he was loved and cared for and he was not alone when he crossed. Peace and Light.

  2. paperclip says:

    Liberty was so lucky to have here time with You and Darin. She was blessed to be with other wolves that accepted her into their pack.

  3. paperclip says:

    Though Liberty was young and had a rough start, in the end she was blessed to have you and Darin as caretakers. She was also blessed in that she found kindred spirits with Rouge, Jasper and Sky who accepted her into their world.

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