Its fundamental really uttering a farewell.  Not just by written word, language is not needed to share the meaning of loss.  Ohhhhh me.  I sit in silence and watch the leaves blow from the trees falling lightly and almost with out sound to the ground.  They skitter along the grass and disappear in the field.  I think that is our Billy.  Only just the other day he was bouncing about greeting our guests with his happy shy spirit.  Always a glint in his eye as he watched us.  I imagine him still doing that behind the trees.  He was always watching.  A bounce at the fence and down his head would go to the ground, playfully inviting your soul to smile.  How could you help but smile.  He was a beauty.  Seven years he grew with us.  A knight in an ever silver vest of shimmering fur.  Oh Billy my Billy, our Billy…Our Billy died just a few days ago.  Without warning he left us behind to follow the leaves into the field.  How perfect for him to pick a cool fall day.  A favorite time of year indeed.   The sky clouded and cried with us that following weekend.  Hard and without imperfection the darkened sky pushed the storm away and the moon showed itself and Billy was free.  We bow our heads and whisper our farewells. I love you Billy, we all love you…..

Only 7 his necropsy showed he had a twist in the intestine at the rout of the messentery.   He went into shock and slipped away in his sleep.