Winston you will be deeply missed, 
Almost 15 years my friend.  Second in command for many years, faithful brother and pack mentor to the end.  You stood your ground and when your brother Murphy joined the great hunt your cries of anguish could be heard long into the night and through many months after.  I can still hear you and a new pain has settled heavy in my heart. Come back, come back to me, to us… many gone.  Now you too have joined the great hunt.  Pain is for the living and on January 10, 2015, your pain ended.  Did you look back as your final breath escaped?  A fleeting glimpse as the great plains and flowing waters opened up before you.  Did you stand tall and stretch long?  I know you did, and I smile at the thought of you running and jumping.  Throw your head back and howl, then smile slyly as you always have.  Our beautiful Winston.  My friend.  Our friend.  Now you run with the packs on the great hunt.  Your brother leading the way. Nip his heals for me.  I will look for you after a while.  Until then the memories of you I hold will keep me sated. 
I love you.  We love you.  Winston you will be deeply missed. 

February 3, 2000 – January 10, 2015