Farewell Booboo


You never got to meet BooBoo but you would have loved him too. Our hearts must reach to infinity and beyond to lose so many pieces and continue to beat. It is a hard moment in time that we walk through as each passing day the sun still shines and we laugh and we cry and we remember. With tears in our eyes and with broken hearts we bid Booboo farewell on the evening of November 15, 2015.
With hope in our hearts we had prepared a cozy well insulated enclosure where our Booboo could recover upon his return home. He was to come home that morning, November 16. But that was not to be. The vet called with word that Booboo’s lungs had collapsed again and he immediately required another surgery.
Our dedicated vets and staff had worked long and hard to help him recover, but with each improvement to his health, a new complication would arise. After extensive testing, the only possible conclusion was that he had a form of autoimmune disease which was causing his own system to attack itself. After much consideration, and with great sadness, we made the decision to offer our companion an end to prolonged suffering.
We are so grateful for all of those who helped Booboo through this struggle. Your kindness and aid assisted in providing for Booboo’s surgeries and gave him a fighting chance. He battled hard, and though he lost the fight to his disease, he won our hearts with his vibrant quirky ways and will always be remembered as one of Speedwell’s own.
We love you Booboo. Rest easy, dear friend. 
born: (?) / rescued: 09-11-15 / died 11-15-15