Farewell Lucas

Our hearts grew heavy at the realization that what we knew was to come was now very much here.  As the weight bore down on those by his side the clear cold sky promised the first snow would come this eve, befitting a proper farewell to a spirited and lively member of the Speedwell family.  At just 10 years of age, Lucas passed on from us on a chilly Wednesday afternoon this November. While we had learned of his cancer not long before his passing, and knew that his time would come, we hoped that it would not come so soon.  Now we mourn the loss of such a vibrant personality.

Lucas was born in the Big Pack and was a character from the start. He and his five brothers were the youngest of their very large family and they had to make a name for themselves. Lucas was almost always in the company of two of his brothers, Lincoln and Levi, as well as his uncle Frodo. The four of them remained very close through Lucas’ whole life. They were always the first to bound towards the fence for a challenge if something new or exciting was happening around their area and they were often known to chase the work vehicles if they drove by.

Tales of Lucas’ mischief quickly spread amongst his caretakers and he was known for testing anyone new with a wicked glint in his eye. He always carried himself with the confidence of an intelligent trickster. Lucas had a particular dislike for cameras and because of this, many of his younger photos feature a devilish grin.

Despite being a trickster, Lucas was also surprisingly delicate with his food and drink. Lucas always kept very clean and when drinking water he would take the smallest laps to avoid splashing any water on himself. He was also known to take food quite gently at the fence, despite his rascally reputation.

Over the years as the elders in the pack passed on, Lucas moved into a more submissive role in the pack, leaving Frodo and the others to take the lead. He never lost his playful mischief and would excitedly rush to each of his family members when it was time for the pack howl. It was evident that he loved his family and that they loved him in return.

Lucas, my beauty.  Cancer is an ugly thief.  It mutates and hides in our cells.  Morphing into early death or retreating as it sees fit.  For you, it took you from us to soon.  We wanted to hold on tight, to never let go, but fate chose otherwise.  On a clear cold beautiful day you left us.  Broken hearts and eyes turned to the ground we stood.  Holding tight to our memories.  For here at the sanctuary our dear mischievous wolf you granted us permission to be part of your life.  To watch it unfold in harmony with your family.  You had such character! Always a glint in your eye and a smile on your face.  How I loved watching you.  You kept your family on their toes.  Come play with me!  You would bond off into the bush and show up just a few yards up the path.  A pounce toward us and then a strong stance, just watching.  Slowly your tail would wag to and fro and off into the bush you would bound again.  You took great joy in seeing if you could startle your target.   How all of us will miss you.  Not just the humans here but the wolves.  Your charm was known across the packs.  You were one of our own, born here on site.  You had only the best.  No worries for you my friend.  Just family and friends, good food and leisure time.  You knew your parents, they raised you.  A lucky wolf to be with his family till the end.  It is hard to see the page my Lukie-lu … my heart is broken.  Run with your pack on this cold winter day.  Say hello for me to Hudson and Winston to Lenape and Thor and Lucky and Lady and Trinity and the list goes on.  Godspeed as you cross the bridge.  We are all made of star dust and we will all return to the stars.  Tonight, the sky will be three times as bright as you take your rightful place among your family.  Until we meet again old friend.  I love you!  We all love you!

Farewell Lucas.  We will never forget your mischievous ways and the memory of your playful spirit will always remain in our hearts.

Born: December 14, 2008 – Died: November 13, 2019