Farewell Trinity

Spring moves swiftly into summer. The days grow longer and the sun beats warmer each afternoon. Though the sun may shine, our hearts are heavy as we say farewell to one of our own. On Friday May 31, 2019 we lost a true alpha and a graceful soul – Trinity, alpha female of the Big Pack.

Trinity was a strong leader and she loved her family deeply.  Born in the Big Pack, Trinity grew up with two other sisters in a large, loud, and boisterous family. As she grew up it became clear that she would take the lead and rule as an alpha of her pack. Though her family members continued to be rowdy through the years, she helped to create order and maintain the close bonds that would keep them together through it all.

Her strength and dominance was complemented by a nurturing and compassionate spirit.  Trinity was always eager to care for her family. In her later years she developed a special bond with her nephew Lenape. During the summer she would clean his ears and face to keep him healthy and help heal any fly bites. She looked after all of her family members and could always be found near them, wherever they may be.

Trinity was a graceful beauty. Her coat was filled with vibrant colors and hues that varied throughout the year with reds and golds, deep browns and grays, and black and white mixed throughout. She always seemed to sense when the seasons were about to change – she was the first to shed in the spring, and the first to fill out her winter coat in the fall.

She aged with grace as well, though we began to notice a change in her later years. After several tests it became clear that she was suffering from a neurological condition that was untreatable. We gave her special care and attention each day to provide for her every need, but her condition continued to worsen until we were left with no other choice than to say goodbye. We will miss her greatly but know that she is free of suffering and with her family again.

To Trinity:

Speechless, I’m speechless.  Kneeling beside you in your last moments I had no clever words, I could hardly swallow.  I knew in my heart that it was time to say farewell.  Knowing it was time, made the parting no easier.  Maybe even harder, was that choice to make.  I just cried quietly.  We all cried.  We miss you terribly Trinity.  Born here as you were you have been with us for the whole of 13 years.  A beauty from the beginning.  Even as a gangly little whelp you took the reins of your family and led your brothers and sisters in play. Training for the future.  Always caring for those around you.  Making sure the family came first.  You held your ground well and dealt with your family fairly in life.  Now you are reunited with your love and all your pack that has gone before.   Our beautiful and clever girl with the song that still brings me goose bumps even from memory.  Your voice angelic and clear.  I could always tell you from the rest.  I know in my heart that you run with your pack with Murphy once more by your side.  Howling and jawing and playing as young pups again and forever.  We watched you grow, you moved through your world with such grace.  There will always be days that I sit and cry quietly to myself, but I am not alone.  I feel your spirit as I walk the grounds and I know you are here with us.  I take solace in the company of your brethren.  Until we meet again, I will listen for your song. 

~Dawn Darlington, President

Farewell Trinity, we will never forget your strong and beautiful soul and your elegant spirit will always be with us.

May you rest easy and run free with your family once again. We love you Trinity.

Born January 21, 2006, Died May 31, 2019