Farewell Tala

Our hearts shatter as we say farewell to an elegant and beautiful member of the Speedwell family – our lovely Tala. Too soon to leave our side, Tala was only 5, yet we learned she passed from a genetic heart condition that would not have been treatable even had we known sooner. Though we grieve at the loss of her friendship and will miss her deeply, we take some small comfort in knowing that she lived a life here of happiness and peace.

Tala came into our lives just over one year ago and deeply touched our hearts during her time here.  She was very apprehensive and suspicious at the start, unsure if she could trust the new humans in her life when so much had changed already. After time and patience and a mutual sharing of trust, she let down her walls for a few caretakers and allowed us the privilege to get to know how remarkable she truly was.

She carried herself with a soulful grace and always walked tall in an elegant posture that seemed to beg a question of worthiness of all who looked upon her. Though she could be aloof especially upon an initial meeting, once she chose to let someone in to her world, she developed a deep unwavering trust in them and opened her very heart and soul.

In the beginning she was alone while we searched for a suitable companion for our girl, and her deep, resounding howl could be heard across the hills of Speedwell. We heeded her call daily and spent countless hours with her. She greatly enjoyed the time we spent with her tending to her every whim and she would not allow us to leave her side until she had drifted off to a safe and sound slumber.

After much contemplation and searching far and wide, we finally found him- a male wolf in need of rescue named Akela. Tala was apprehensive at first.  She wasn’t sure if she could trust this new playful fellow but over time he won her over with his friendly bows and wags. The two soon became quite close and were often happily enjoying in each other’s company, as though they had been together for their whole lives. They developed their own unique howl together, sometimes deep and soulful, other times loudly playful and boisterous. Akela mourned at her passing and we mourned with him.

To Tala:

“Tala, you came into our life, a quiet and shy girl.  Reserved, beautiful, regal; so many words to describe you.  Not sure of who I was, you told me to stay clear with a glimmer of teeth and a growl barely audible.  I respected your space.  We read to you daily and you slowly accepted us.  Allowing a touch now and again on your side. You trusted just one of us at the very beginning, then it was I who visited and talked to you about green fields and happier days.  You again allowed another human to enter your world.  How truly enchanting your presence was to all that met you.  Even the one who never thought to expect your interest, you finally accepted and allowed him the courtesy of your beautiful energy to wrap his heart to your bidding.  Oh how empty I feel when I allow myself to think of you and see your face in my mind’s eye.  Always watching for me to come through the gate in the morning.  There was a strange stillness that day.  Akela was whimpering, and you had not come to the fence to greet me.  I came in search of you.  I called your name once, twice.  Then I scanned the grounds.  I saw you there in your spot.  But I knew as my eyes settled on your form that your essence had left.   I could barely contain myself as I moved through the gates. I wanted to be wrong.  I wanted to nudge you and you would look at me irritated that I had woke you from some fantastical dream hunt.   I was cold but it was 90 degrees.  Akela clung to my side.  He knew.  He had kept you company as you left our sanctuary for higher ground.  That feeling haunts me.  I visit your companion, Akela daily.  He is a bit withdrawn.  I see loneliness in his eyes.  He comes to greet me each morning, and then walks with me along the fence.  I miss your eyes and that gentle powerful soul.  When you faltered that day not too long ago, I had hoped it was the heat.  But alas it was your heart.  The vet tells me there would have been nothing we could have done.  But it does not make your passing easier.  It will be a long time before I accept you are not there to howl with me in the morning.  I so miss you Tala my Tala my little girl.  I will always love you my girl.  Run free my love. I will see you again.  I expect you to be one of the first to great me at the bridge.  I will always love you.  So young you were, so young you will always be.  Until we meet again my proud beauty.  I will listen for your beautiful voice to come to me in dreams……and guide me.”

Farewell Tala, your fierce friendship and your deep and loving soul will always be with us.  We will hold the memory of your beautiful spirit forever in our hearts.

We love you Tala.

Born: est. 2013 – Rescued: May 2017 – Died: August 30, 2018