Farewell Sweetie

Dark days indeed. On March 18, our hearts were shattered as a life that had just begun to blossom was gone from us too soon. Sweetie, our dear young Sweetie, passed away after a battle with seizures that was brief yet also terribly long.
Sweetie came to us at just a few months old. She won our hearts from the very beginning. Strong and loving, she faced each day with an open heart and a daring sense of adventure. She was blind, yet she quickly adapted to her environment and navigated her world with determination and confidence. She always had a sense of hope and joy that lifted the hearts of any who spent time in her presence.

When she arrived she was reunited with her sister, Isabelle, who we had rescued a few weeks earlier. She and Izzy were inseparable and they brightened our spirits with their playful joy. Sweetie was warm and wise, and Izzy learned a great deal from her, we all learned a great deal from her.

Friday March 13 2020 our beautiful Sweetie went into Seizures. Thank goodness one of the tour guides was giving a private tour and saw her seize. She alerted us to the emergency immediately and we flew into action. We arrived on scene as Sweetie was just coming out of her Seizure. In full she had 7 seizures that day. We took her to the vet and then to an emergency clinic. So many tests. She appeared stable. She got to come home and spend the night with her sister, and then off to the specialist the next morning. There she stayed overnight and then came home. Still stable. Still groggy from the sedation we promised a morning reunion with Izzy and said good night. At 2am we visited and gave her seizure meds and played for a short time. Again, we bid her sweet dreams. We saw her at 5am all was well. At 10am she had left us. March 18, her little body lay quiet and empty. It was just too fragile to hold her magnificent soul. This feeling we are left with seems so endless; we are numb.

All the tests have come back negative. There is no closure here. We know our dear little girl was a product of a terrible breeder. She had so many congenital problems. Born with optic nerves that did not work. She was blind, but nothing got past her. She had an inner sight and she was and will always be a force. She leaves behind a sister better for the short time spent learning from Sweetie who was so beyond her years. An old soul. Off on new adventures. Sweetie you will live on here in our hearts and we will see you again.

To Sweetie: I don’t even know where to begin. Dearest Sweetie, thank you for being so full of life. You were kind and loving from the start and you gave such support and education and comfort to your sister Izzy. You taught Izzy to be careful with her fragile humans and to have humility and grace. You carried yourself with confidence and ran straight ahead with certainty. You were fearless and beautiful, and it hurts so much that you are gone. Only eight months old you were, but we take comfort that you were here to be free and live as a little wolf dog should.

Farewell Sweetie. You came into our lives and brightened every moment. We will never forget your tenacious spirit and the memory of your beautiful soul will be forever in our hearts.

Born July 7, 2019, Rescued October 2019, Died March 18, 2020

4 thoughts on “Farewell Sweetie

  1. Joyce Sweasy says:

    Sweetie, As I read your tribute, I sit with tears streaming down my face. What an inspiration you are to us humans. We continue to be blessed by sentient beings like you – truly God’s gift. Rest in peace and please don”t forget us, we can never forget you.

  2. Elsa Cucchiara says:

    To soon for one of god’s beautiful creatures who was to young to leave this earh, but she is playing in another universe. My sympathy to all of you who played with her and loved her.

  3. Kim Bankert says:

    Sweet dreams Sweetie. God has other plans for you. You may not have been able to see all the love that was there for you, but you sure did feel it. May you run wild with the ones who have gone before you; Jericho, Bear, Lucas, Bear, Hudson, Thor and so many others. Until we can all be together again, your spirit will be within us!

  4. Paulette Minnich says:

    I treasure your page. I look forward to it immensely. It really tugs at my heart when you give the news that one of your precious wolves has gone to wolf heaven. I realize they cannot live forever and when one passes it gives room for another precious animal but it still hurts. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the tireless work you do with these gorgeous animals. I adopted Mika about 2 years ago. I wish I could adopt them all. Bless you all and thank you. Paulette Minnich

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