Farewell Sakima

Our grief hung heavy in April 2021 as we lost several members of the Speedwell Family. Each had  their own unique spark of life that touched our hearts and made their passing all the more difficult to bear. So too it was with the passing of a bright and happy soul who brought a smile to the hearts of all who knew him. Our dear Sakima passed away naturally on April 27, 2021.

Sakima arrived at the sanctuary with his sister Tayha back in 2013. They were both in need of immediate care with a variety of health ailments from their previous life, and both needed emotional and mental care as well. Sakima also had some physical abnormalities, the most visible of which was his pronounced underbite, which we quickly grew to adore as we got to know and love him. Once he was healthy again and entered his own forest home with Tayha, Sakima began to show his true personality. He would come to the fence to greet his caretakers and give them a gentle lick on the hand before sauntering off to find a comfortable lounge spot. He never seemed worried or concerned, he seemed to take each day as it came, and was content to relax and enjoy a simple easy lifestyle.

Always content and curious, Sakima was ready to forget his past and enjoy each of his days in peace with Tayha. It took Tayha a bit longer to feel safe in the beginning, but because of Sakima’s calm and steady presence by her side, she eventually was able to relax and enjoy the freedom of their retirement together. The two depended on and took comfort in each other each and every day. They would lounge in the shade together and sing with their gruff howls together in harmony with all the other wolves across the sanctuary. Tayha will miss her Sakima terribly.

Farewell Sakima.  You brought light and joy into our hearts at every meeting. We will never forget your gentle, happy spirit and the memory of your peaceful soul will be forever in our hearts.

Born May 2010, Rescued September 13, 2013, Died April 27, 2021