Farewell Sullivan Ryuk

Though loss is always painful, the sadness is felt all the more deeply when we must say goodbye to such a bright and loving soul. We were only graced with his presence for a little over a year, but in that time Sullivan Ryuk touched our hearts deeply and will forever be one of Speedwell’s own. We grieved at his passing but we are so grateful to have had our spirits warmed by such a joyous individual.

Sullivan came into our lives at a time of uncertainty, in spring of 2020, and he lifted our spirits from the very beginning. He opened his heart to everyone he met and it was impossible not to smile in his presence. His appearance was unique, with long luxurious fur and extra fluffy paws, which only added to his loveable nature. He was an older wolf-dog when he arrived, but he maintained a youthful spirit and always seemed to exude an unencumbered joy.

We introduced him to Sophie fairly soon after his arrival and the two made a wonderful pair. They always spent time together and despite their age and tender joints they made time to play and delight in each other’s company. They could often be seen taking short sprints around their enclosure chasing after each other, then taking breaks in between to rest their bones. As Sullivan’s age and ailments began to catch up with him, Sophie was always by his side. She would still try to coax him to play by pawing gently at him or prancing around him where he stood so that he wouldn’t have to run very far. She watched over him and kept a close eye on him when he wasn’t feeling well. Though they were only together for a year, they had a deep bond and Sophie will greatly miss her Sullivan.

Sullivan had begun having some mobility issues earlier in the spring at which time he was evaluated by our vet and diagnosed with Spondylosis. There was no cure for his condition, but we were able to start him on a treatment plan to manage his symptoms and it appeared to help him for several months. However, over time his mobility issues returned despite the medications. After another evaluation from our vet he was determined to have muscle loss and his pain levels had likely begun to increase in intensity as well. With breaking hearts the difficult decision was made to bid him farewell on August 23.

Sullivan was sweet and loving, every ounce of him was joyful. Though our hearts broke to bid him farewell, the memory of his warm and loving soul will be forever a part of us.

Born December 5, 2010, February 10, 2020, Died August 23, 2021