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Are Wolves an Endangered Species? Why our slogan is “Extinct is Forever”

Gray wolves in North America have faced many challenges with human populations. In the early 1900’s in North America, they were driven to near extinction due to habitat destruction and over-hunting. It took many decades, but over the course of the century following their extirpation (local extinction), perspectives about wolves slowly began to change. In […]

What is a Sanctuary and how is it different than a Rehabilitation Center?

A sanctuary is a place to seek refuge. An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. Unlike animal shelters, sanctuaries do not seek to place animals with individuals or groups, instead maintaining each animal until his or her death. Wildlife rehabilitation is […]

Reintroduction of Red Wolves into North Carolina

Red Wolves were reintroduced to North Carolina several years ago.  Since their reintroduction they have faced many troubles one of the biggest is hunters mistaking them for coyotes (which are always in season) and shooting them. Recently the North Carolina courts put a 6 month moratorium on coyote hunting in the five counties the red wolves call […]

News of Mexican Gray Wolves

News of Mexican Grays  The Arizona lawmakers recently passed two laws limiting the protections for the Mexican Grays or Lobos, fortunately the governor of Arizona has vetoed these bills. As of March of 2014 there are believed to be 14 wild packs of Mexican Grays.  Throughout the country various zoos and conservation organization host a […]

Wolf Communication Part 2: Body Language

Here is an interesting tidbit; you could be camping in the wild and have wolves very near without knowing they are present. This is the case because among themselves, wolves use body language as the main source of communication with each other. Over time, wolves have developed very clear postures and behaviors because this body […]

Wolf Communication – Part 1: Vocalization

Feature - Howling

The truth is that the howl has contributed to the bad rap that wolves have obtained over the years. In the wild, howling is the wolves’ universe and it is involved in every aspect of their lives. For the most part wolves howl because it is the glue that physically binds the pack together. It […]