Farewell Noel

Our grief runs deep.  Our beautiful baby wolf Noel, who was far too young to leave, passed away unexpectedly on Monday April 5, 2021. She was born with a genetic heart condition. With every rescue there is a fear of the unknown and the dreams of a better life.  It is always our hope that time is on our side and that we will be blessed with many years and overcome whatever pain may have been dealt.  Alas that was not to be and we are heartbroken at this sudden loss of such a special little girl.

Noel and her sister Eve arrived on December 24, 2020, small and delicate, Eve covered in black fur, Noel covered in white. Their personalities were apparent very early as they grew together. Eve tried her very best to act tough and dominant, keen to steal toys away from her sister. Noel learned to turn this into a very fun chasing game by teasing her sister with whichever toy she had and starting up the chase! She was always open for fun and adventure, and it was clear that she loved her sister dearly.

Early on we discovered that she had a genetic heart condition. We closely monitored her each day in hopes that her condition might improve as she grew, and we provided supplements which we hoped would help her heart grow strong. Because of her condition, she often become tired quickly during play. She learned to pace herself as she and her sister played, but she never lost her spirit. She would run and play with her sister until she became too tired and would need to take a break.

We worked very closely with both Noel and Eve to prepare Noel for future veterinary visits that she may need to undergo because of her condition. Eve learned quickly how to follow the rules and receive a treat but Noel was a bit different. She was more independent and less interested in listening to the whims of humans when she had her own ideas in mind.

Little Noel lived each day to its fullest. She loved her human visitors and she loved her sister even more. Each day with her was a joy. Yet as she grew, her heart condition worsened. Despite all of our best efforts, we were unable to help her and she passed on from us far too soon.

My dearest baby Noel.  You came to us on Christmas Eve.  You and your sister, Eve.  Beautiful and so little barely 5 weeks old.  You were both so small and so fragile.  But you were the most fragile of the two.  You were pure white and so angelic.  We almost called you Angel but settled on Noel meaning to be born.  We soon discovered that you had a heart murmur.  The cardiologist told us it was something you may grow out of and not to be too concerned.  But as you grew it was not to be.  As I write this, I think that I have not fully accepted that you are gone.  I miss you so much, we all miss you so much.  You gave us so much joy and laughter.  You were already quite the little independent baby and your sister adored you as did we all.  My heart is broken.  Your sister she misses you the most. Please watch over her Noel our little angel.  You are free to run healthy and grow in heaven with golden wings.  No more days of short breaths and wishing to play.  Just long warm days for you, my love.  I will listen for your little howl and look for the new star that has joined the darkened skies above the sanctuary.   Pass on our love to all our brothers and sisters that play at the bridge.  You will not be alone dear Noel, even your mama and da will be there.  All my love to you always, Dawn

Farewell Noel.  You came into our lives and brightened every moment. We will never forget your joyful spirit and the memory of your sweet and beautiful soul will be forever in our hearts.

Born November 17, 2020, Rescued December 24, 2020, Died April 5, 2021